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This is our lovely bathrobe in organic cotton for the cozy hours, at the breakfast table or just as part of the good morning rituals.

The bathrobe does not take up much space, so it is easy to take with you on your vacations or to the beach.

It is designed to be oversized so that it can be used for several years for the benefit of you and the environment.

The delicate and natural materials easily absorb the water from the wet body and at the same time the natural material dries quickly.

the materials

Let your head and body be embraced by soft organic jersey cotton.

The sleeves, the large hood and the belt are in organic twill, which gives the coat an almost crisp firmness.

Organic cotton protects your skin and you help to ensure that we do not harm the environment with chemicals and pesticides.

The print is digitally printed, which is the most gentle printing method, as it is neither water nor waste of resources.

the details

Giving focus into the small details is of great importance to us. For every item to have a story – to be special – to be loved.

We hope that it can extend the joy and life of the product. Our collages are carefully selected, hand-cut and composed analogously.

Our hangtags are specially developed and hand-folded, one by one, based on the Japanese folding technique, origami.

Robe Adventure long

Fairy Tale Bathrobe

Bag Space Gab

Space Bathrobe

Robe Nature lang

Nature Bathrobe

Marooms_Backpack Vest FT21

Reversible vest with three pockets
Made of strong organic cotton canvas

Reversible Vest

Designed with comfort and practicality in focus.

Equipped with three good pockets for the things your child finds along the way.

It is reversible and can be used depending on the mood.

With an artistic collage print on one side and a neutral color on the other side.

One size – size 5 to 7 years (110-122).

Nature Vest - Buy here

Space Vest - Buy here


Fairy Tale Vest - Buy here