Marooms want to inspire children to be more creative thinking. We use the effect of collages to achieve our mission. Our collages invite children and their parents to talk about nature, our engagement with nature and the evolution of technology. At the same time, we want children to learn to appreciate the views of others. We all have different perceptions because we are different people. Embracing diversity and sharing opinions can be beneficial to everybody.


China has been the major producer of the Western consumer culture in the last century with high environmental costs. Marooms intends to create timeless products in natural or recycled materials. We want a sustainable future with less pollution and durable products.

We have deliberately chosen to support and encourage our partners in China to produce environmentally friendly products. Our choice of production site was therefore obvious.

In 2018, we wanted to convert our Chinese partners from not producing sustainably to become a conscious supplier and they have now made their first organic production ever and for other brands, they are now producing sustainable productions. This is one way to spread the green wave.