Connecting the dots

Maroom’s visual expressions are made as a collage where familiar things are taken out of context. Maroom’s picturesque collages break with ordinary habitual thinking. Our logical brains will try to put things in order (connecting the dots), creating references and this is where creative thinking develops because notions and definitions are taken out of context and put together again.


Explore new adventures in your own home

Imagine that we look at the same abstract painting, and because we are different people, we experience something different. Each element of our collage is carefully selected, cut out by hand and then put together into a collage with uninterrupted interpretations.

We have designed three universal worlds: Fairy Tale, Nature and Space.

All our products are either organic cotton or recycled textiles.




With our visual expression, we want to create aesthetic and imaginative spaces to inspire your child’s imagination and creative thinking. Our products complement and match the rest of the home. Based on your child’s room and toys, we want to open up to even more play worlds, conversation topics and socializing.

Research shows that children’s learning is enhanced by imagination and creative thinking. With shared time, presence and conversations, you give your child the feeling of recognition and courage to solve everyday challenges.

Our collages invite you into a world of endless stories and conversations. It can be about shared dreams, new games, stories or conversations about what sustainable living means to you.