Sustainable living & Kids

As part of trying to live a more sustainable life, it requires that we rethink and redo our moves.

There are just too many goods today.
We produce more than we can consume, and we consume more than we need.

Thinking of products as multiple functional can be one way to get closer towards a more sustainable living.

All steps in the rethink/redo process are good steps, because it gives us an opportunity to consciously choose our actions and see new possiblities. When we went to Italy this summer, we went on a road trip. We did not bring or buy any towels or blankets, because Marooms’ bed sheet did the job. It is perfect to bring along to the sea side. On the back side it is made of knitted jersey fabric to absorb the water and moisture and on the facing side, we used as a beautiful blanket on the rocks.



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