THE MISSION is to make room for children’s imagination

From the design and product development processes to the end-user experience, Marooms’ compass is circulated to develop sustainable products with the mission in mind.

♥ EAST: Create space for imagination with playful and eye-catching inspiration.

♥ SOUTH: make eco-friendly production and continuous sustainable initiatives.

♥ VEST: make unique and simple products with high quality and functionality.

♥ NORD: ensure a beautiful design with artistic expression for the modern home.


A sustainable design concept today is not only timeless, organic and of lasting quality.

We need to think about sustainability as part of the design and continuously consider our future initiatives.

We believe that through imagination and creativity we can find our way to a more beautiful, fun and more inspiring and sustainable world.

At Marooms, we aim to not only make sustainable products, but we want to take the step further and challenge ourselves to create more sustainable inititatives. We will push our own boundaries and constantly strive to work in new ways to support our vision of creating a more sustainable future for our children – from our design process to our production.

We believe that small as large initiatives are needed and we believe that together we can make a difference.

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Marooms is based in Copenhagen and was launched in 2018 by product developer, Linh Ma. Linh has more than 15 years of experience in designing, sourcing and developing clothes for the Danish fashion industry, and is the mother of lovely Marylou.

Linh was born in Saigon, Vietnam, and her parents are Mai Trinh and Nang Ma with Chinese roots. After the Vietnam War in 1975, the Vietnamese state decided to pursue Chinese traders in Vietnam. The family fled by boat from Vietnam in 1978, when Linh was just three months old. Many people drowned during the escape, including her grandmother and uncle. The first late year of Linh’s life, she lived in a refugee camp in Thailand in a 2.5-square-foot log cabin.

“I believe that openness, creative thinking and imagination can contribute solutions to a more sustainable present and future – for our children and the environment.

I believe that kids with imagination will change the World!” says Linh Ma, founder of Marooms.

She arrived in Denmark on a cold October day in 1979 with her two older siblings and parents. Unlike the weather, the Danes received the family with incredible warmth and support. Linh spent most of his childhood in Odense, the same city as the world famous children’s author, H.C. Andersen, started his life in. This is the beginning of Linh Mas’s family history, and it is a miracle – hardly to be believed, but it did take place, and like all the best tales, it has a happy ending :-).